Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Call That Our Student Athletes Have On Their Lives
Are We Getting Them Ready To Respond?

With graduation on the horizon, my thoughts turn to the responsibilities that each of our graduating student-athletes has relative to making a difference in the world. But even bigger than that, we must realize that these young men have a call on their lives. 

Most know that our program is all about generating world leaders that will make a difference in the years to come. Whether they are from the US or Africa, Europe or the Carribean Islands, our student-athletes can be the leaders that teach the world the importance of compromise, hard work, character and social responsibility. 

These leaders will open foundations that give back, set up infrastructures that weather storms, invent new solutions to global problems and produce results unlike anyone else. However, our job as parents and coaches is not complete. Even as these student-athletes go off to college, we are still responsible to protect the investment made into these student-athletes throughout college so that they get all the tools needed ensuring that our investment has the opportunity to yield a significant return. They are responsible for giving back in a big way and we must never allow them to forget that. 

These students-athletes are not just graduating from high school, they are taking the strong foundation vested into them and practicing practical application so that when they are called, they are able to effectively respond. 

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