Monday, May 27, 2013

It's 8:30PM Do You Know Where Your Kids Are?

IT'S 8:30PM

Most people believe that in the early years, kids need much more attention than they do when they enter into high school. But the reality is in high school, they need their parents' leadership & direction just as much (if not more). High school is one of the biggest transition points that young people will face. This is where all of the lessons they have learned during their pre-high school lives start to play out in a "trial by fire" type of way. 

For instance, what young adults eat, how much they sleep, where they spend their time, who they spend their time with...all now become important. If the wrong decisions are made and they do not have the correct guidance, they are potentially sacrificing their hopes and dreams; and even their future careers. 

Even more important to these young adults is the understanding that their parents are right there to remind them of the dangers that are in their path and how to avoid them. To ensure that their children know that even if they go down the wrong path that someone is there to help them "reset." 

Don't let go of your kids in high school! Continue to be a strong & present force in their lives. Help them make quality decisions and keep teaching them. You don't have to be overbearing but rather a stable support mechanism your child can depend on.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Call That Our Student Athletes Have On Their Lives
Are We Getting Them Ready To Respond?

With graduation on the horizon, my thoughts turn to the responsibilities that each of our graduating student-athletes has relative to making a difference in the world. But even bigger than that, we must realize that these young men have a call on their lives. 

Most know that our program is all about generating world leaders that will make a difference in the years to come. Whether they are from the US or Africa, Europe or the Carribean Islands, our student-athletes can be the leaders that teach the world the importance of compromise, hard work, character and social responsibility. 

These leaders will open foundations that give back, set up infrastructures that weather storms, invent new solutions to global problems and produce results unlike anyone else. However, our job as parents and coaches is not complete. Even as these student-athletes go off to college, we are still responsible to protect the investment made into these student-athletes throughout college so that they get all the tools needed ensuring that our investment has the opportunity to yield a significant return. They are responsible for giving back in a big way and we must never allow them to forget that. 

These students-athletes are not just graduating from high school, they are taking the strong foundation vested into them and practicing practical application so that when they are called, they are able to effectively respond. 

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Seize The Moment 

Having been on the road for two straight weeks, it has been hard to blog. But these two weeks have given me a lot to say but I will keep it brief. At every one of my Compton Magic Elite games there are tons of college coaches. Each coach represents an opportunity for our players to garner interest that could provide them with a college education that is completely paid for. When many of their friends will graduate from college with serious debt from student loans, our guys will have the piece of mind that they can start adult life without that same economic burden hanging over their head.

So what is my point? Life is about seizing the moment. Opportunity sometimes only knocks once and you never know when that opportunity will come calling. So it is important to be prepared and execute habits of excellence every day, all day, that produce results! I try to get my players to understand you never know who is in the gym looking at you that can make a difference in your life. They are critiquing you and attempting to ascertain whether you are worth the risk. For a college coach, that risk is their job and the means by which they provide for their family. This is a big risk with serious consequences if failure is the result. So it is all about producing results consistently. High stakes, big business, is all about production. Basketball is a high stakes business and is completely about producing.

As a coach, my job is to produce wins, high character kids and a stellar program that can be monetized, coupled with sending kids to college on athletic scholarships, garnering them accolades along the way for their accomplishments and playing by the governing rules. If I do not produce, a lot of people lose in the process. So I have no choice but to produce and take advantage of opportunities. I must seize the moment and teach my staff & players to do the same. That is the name of the game.