Sunday, April 7, 2013

Approach All Aspects Of Life Just Like You Are A Business

We all go to work everyday and slave hard to make others money. My philosophy has always been, why not do that for yourself, at some level. While I know everyone is not going to be an entrepreneur, I still believe that everyone must learn to handle their own business. Manage your finances, monitor your children, invest in your relationships, develop yourself on an on-going basis…do what is necessary to maximize your operation! Do you understand all the line items that are important and are you developing all of your existing assets, while strategically looking to procure new assets? 

This same thought goes into my players on the court. Our players all want to play in college and earn a scholarship. The challenge is are they doing all of the things necessary to play in college. Do they take care of their main asset; their body. Do our nutrition plan, do our training program, put in extra work outside of team mandated workouts, go to doctor immediately when they feel pain, go to the trainer at school everyday to proactively make sure they are doing proper maintenance on their body, work hard in school so they have the highest grades possible, prepare for standardized testing so they score as high as possible and the list goes on and on. My point is are they addressing all of the core areas of business that affect earning a college scholarship. If not, then they are running their corporation poorly and will ultimately go out of business.

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